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General information

Architects, urban planners and designers are increasingly being confronted with ever more complex environments, many specializations taken over by other professions and demographic trends reversing established practice.

The Ausmip partnership programs combine a ...
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AUSMIP ALUMNI Program Registration

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With about 500 exchanges now spanning 13 years, we are interested to find out the impact of the Ausmip program on your professional career and life.

If you're an Ausmip alumni, we would greatly appreciate your contribution to our online survey, it will help us improve and continue the program ...
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Ausmip Diploma Supplement

All program Alumni (Masters) can request an 'Ausmip Diploma-Supplement' which will be issued and signed by both the Home ...
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Ausmip R&DaR and AUSMIP+ allow for tailor-made allocations and a customized setup of education and research at any of the partners' facilities, many of them internationally recognized ...
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募集は終了しました - All applications are closed.


Master Students, PhD's, Post-Docs and Faculty will receive monthly stipends by the ...
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Aumip R&DaR

Ausmip R&DaR is a unilaterally financed program by JASSO.


AUSMIP + is an EACEA Erasmus Mundus Action 2 Partnership program.

How to apply

To apply for any of the Ausmip programs make sure to check the Application Deadlines, Procedures and Eligibility first, then go to Applications, complete the forms and upload your application.

Take note:

All applications must be submitted via the ausmip website.