ECEU Good Practice Award
mundus eacea jasso


Especially W&K and ENSAPLV, with their relatively young PhD programs will collaborate with partner-consultants supporting research from an academic point of view. Thus the Center for Japanese Studies, (and in extension its links to a similar department for Korean studies) in Paris, led by the renowned Augustin Berque will provide assistance to any Ausmip scholar conducting research related to social sciences. On a broader level, the CRJ will also offer guidance concerning social geographic expertise, a crucial aspect within the entirety of the Ausmip research themes.

ASRO, the department of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Leuven will equally provide academic assistance, but will also share research facilities similar to what is happening now between W&K and ASRO. W&K will become fully integrated in the University of Leuven in 2013, and at this point the University will count two departments teaching architecture and planning.

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