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AUSMIP✚ R&DaR Faculty Mobility

AUSMIP+   Faculty Mobility, Criteria and Procedures;

1.    Faculty mobility may include research, teaching, and administrative exchanges at any of the 12 partners’ Departments and 11 Associated Partners facilities.
2.    Applicants must be contractually enrolled at any of the 12 Partner Departments to be eligible.
3.    Any activity at the associated partners must be arranged via the affiliated partners.
4.    English is the common language of the AUSMIP+ program.  Applying faculty should have a good command of English, both spoken and written.  
5.    Participating faculty will remain enrolled at their home (sending) department during the entire duration of their mobility.  Stipends can never replace salaries.
6.    The AUSMIP+ program is an Erasmus Mundus Action 2 Partnership Building Program, seeking to stimulate research & teaching exchange and mobility between the EU and the third countries.  Any AUSMIP+ faculty mobility therefore can only encompass activities within the programs’ academic framework and can be conducted at the 12 partners and 11 associated partners departments only.  
7.    The selection & completion procedures consists of 4 principal phases, all managed via a digital database;
Initial Phase;    You are strongly advised to discuss your intended mobility with the sending & host local coordinator prior to submitting any Mobility Request.    
Preparation;    Prepare your mobility request form off-line, please make sure to discuss your activities with the host department, which will need to endorse your mobility prior to any final approval.
Phase 1;    Register, then upload your completed Mobility Request, which will be automatically send to the host department’s local coordinator for endorsement.
Phase 2;    Assessment of your application by the host department. (about 4 weeks).  If your Mobility Request is approved, the host department’s local coordinator will submit an endorsement form to the program coordinator.
Phase 3;    If endorsed, you will receive an acceptance form.  Acceptance forms should be uploaded within 4 weeks. Your acceptance form includes a prepayment request, and after a final confirmation of the program coordinator you will be paid your stipend and airfare.
Note that even though your application might be approved by the host department, it might not be granted due to insufficient funding or if in excess of quota.  Note that coordinator and assessor mobility always has priority.

Please make sure to discuss your acceptance with your department and ascertain your mobility is also endorsed institutionally.

Mobility period abroad; minimum 1 month, maximum 3 months.

Phase 4    Approximately one week after the completion of your mobility you will receive a Mobility Report’ form, which you will need to upload via the website.  In case your effective stay would be less than the requested period of mobility, you will be asked to make a balance payment to reimburse partly your funding.
Note that your mobility report might be published online on the Ausmip website.
8.    AUSMIP+ faculty mobility can be initiated at any time during the program, however please note the program is funded by the EACEA and strict rules apply as to the quota per partner and kind of mobility.  Therefore, please make sure to discuss your application with your local coordinator before submitting.
Note that it takes about 12 weeks between uploading your Mobility Requests and the final approval and payment.  No payments can be executed during the period between July 7 to August 5.

AUSMIP + faculty mobility applications can be submitted at any time via the website. There are no restrictions regarding applicants nationality.

APPLICATIONS FOR AUSMIP R&DaR FACULTY MOBILITY ARE CLOSED AS FROM OCTOBER FIRST 2013 FOLLOWING THE ENDING OF EACEA FUNDING.  Please check our website regularly for new funded faculty-mobility funding in the near future.

Ausmip R&DaR short-term Faculty Mobility, Criteria and Procedures;

1.    Only faculty or administrative staff contractually enrolled at any of the eight partners departments, are eligible for an Ausmip R&DaR mobility funding.
2.    Any mobility is to be related to the Ausmip R&DaR program, and might encompass activities such as lectures, participation to jury’s, design assignments and workshops, and/or administrative exchanges.  
3.    Ausmip R&DaR faculty mobility concerns short-term mobility only, usually taking about 1 to 2,5 weeks of exchange.
4.    Priorities might differ per department, therefore any application for Ausmip R&DaR faculty mobility is to be approved by, and organized in coordination with, the local coordinators both at the sending and host department.  
5.    Faculty mobility is pre-financed by each department, re-imbursement forms can be downloaded from the website via the local coordinator and must always be approved by the local coordinator before submittal.

Ausmip R&DaR Mobility must always be arranged by your local coordinator.  You can not apply online.

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