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Ausmip Diploma Supplement

All program Alumni (Masters) can request an 'Ausmip Diploma-Supplement' which will be issued and signed by both the Home and Ausmip Host departments.  You will be asked to configurate and provide all necessary information to generate the supplement via the website.  Diploma-Supplements can be requested as from February first, 2014.  Please carefully read instructions below;

How to apply for your Ausmip Diploma-Supplement.

Any student who participated to the Ausmip Master Mobility program can apply for a Diploma-Supplement.

To generate your Diploma-Supplement, you must first compulsory participate to the program’s survey.  Once you completed the survey a random code will be generated which will enable you to access the ‘Diploma-Supplement’ configurator, this guarantees your answers to the survey will be processed anonymously. 

For those students who already completed the survey, unfortunately we will need to ask you to complete the survey once more.  Our apologies for the inconvenience!

Once you receive your code, please use it to access the configurator and complete all fields.

You may wish to have the title of your thesis, research project, dissertation and/or diploma mentioned on your Diploma-Supplement, if related to your Ausmip exchange.  In that case, you will be asked to upload a pdf-copy of your work.  All uploads will be consultable via the program’s website.  Uploading your work is not compulsory, but would be greatly appreciated by the Ausmip-team!

Diploma-Supplements will be printed in Brussels, please understand delivery to your home-address might take a while!

To apply for your Diploma-Supplement, please complete the survey first.  Do not forget to have a pdf copy ready of your work when configuring your Diploma-Supplement.

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