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Ausmip R&DaR Masters Mobility

You are a master student at any of the 8 Ausmip R&DaR partner Departments and would like to complete your master's in Japan or Europe? If selected you will be exchanged for 10 months to Japan or the EU.

To find out more about who can, and how to apply, click here.

AUSMIP PhD Mobility

PhD students at any of the 12 AUSMIP+ partners can do part of their research at any of the 12 partners or associated partners' facilities. Research periods compromise minimum 6 months and maximum 12 months. To find out more how to apply, consult the conditions and application requirements here.

AUSMIP Post-Doc Mobility

You obtained a PhD related to the fields of architecture or urban planning and are interested in a post-doc in Japan, Europe, Korea, Australia or New-Zealand? Find out more here how to apply. AUSMIP+ Post-doc research grants consist of minimum 6 months stay overseas, with a maximum of 10 months.

AUSMIP and Ausmip R&DaR Faculty Mobility

The Ausmip R&DaR and AUSMIP programs allow faculty to participate to short-term (1 to 2,5 weeks) and long-term mobility (1 to 3 months). For more information, check the criteria (AUSMIP+ R&DaR Faculty Mobility and AUSMIP+ Coordinators & Assessors Mobility) and contact your local coordinator.

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