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To enhance as much as possible the exchange of Know-How and expertise, the Ausmip partnership is conceived and operated as a ‘loop’ incorporating four strands of research, Engineering, the Humanities, Design by Research and Information Technology. Participating Master Students, PhD, Post-Doc and Faculty will be able to move between the different depending on their particular interests and research project.

The research orientations of the different partners are equally rooted in long traditions and institutional frameworks, in this respect the Ausmip partners also incorporate a wide diversity of educational, research and pedagogic traditions and expertise, with a particular difference between the Japanese, and similar Korean ‘Kenkyushitsu’ laboratory systems and the Anglo-Saxon and continental European partners.

The Ausmip loop is characterized by four important Research ‘strands’; on the one hand the more conventional research in relation to architecture and urban planning, basically Engineering based, and this specifically related to Building Systems found at TODAI-GSE, Chibadai, UM, and TUM, UACEG, supported by the associated partners Taisei, Takenaka and Daelim

A second research strand embedded within the Humanities, including Social Siences at ENSAPLV, History, Theory and City Conservation at TUL, UM, UACEG and Kyudai, & Architectural Philosophy at SNU, assisted by the associated partners CRJ, DGOTDU, NCRD, ASRO, and KUL.

Particularly well developed ‘Design by Research’ can be found at Todai-GSFS, Kyudai GSHES, W&K and NICAI (UoA), supported by the UDCK

Finally a fourth new research strand is introduced within the enlarged AUSMIP+ network mainly based on Information Technology, through the expertise of both SKKU-Samsung and TUM, and will be supported by the following Associated Partners the Hasegawa Laboratory, AAL, Taisei, Takenaka, and Daelim.

The Ausmip Looph5