ECEU Good Practice Award
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Japan & Korea

The National Universities of both Japan and Korea are characterized by those countries’ strong hierarchic societal structure.  Being ‘national champions’ these universities take on leading roles, actively supported by their governments.  A particular feature are the so-called ‘Kenkyushitsu’ or laboratories, supporting research and education in the Graduate Schools in Japan and Korea.  It usually consists of a leading professor, assistants and researchers, as well as graduate students. 

Identification with the laboratory is quite strong and, apart from being a collective research platform, the Kenkyushitsu also serve as a platform for social bonding.  Each Kenkyushitsu has its own facilities, equipment and working space and operates independently within its department. 

SKKU in Korea is the only private university participating, and is closely tied to Samsung, its main sponsor.  Its facilities and research are state of the art, generating innovative research.

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