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Europe & Pacific

Especially in the field of Architecture and Urban Planning, most European Universities stress education, however all participating Ausmip partners possess a sound reputation and tradition for research.  Research is usually organized for shorter periods of time, specifically related to funding.  UACEG and TUL are mainstream examples of such universities.

ENSAPLV in Paris and W&K in Brussels are both primary examples of strong independent schools of Architecture.  Their research tradition is much younger than any of the university partners.  Both schools’ origin can be traced back to the tradition of the Beaux-Arts Atelier style education.  However, since 1968, both departments have been going through continuous processes of transition.  The Bologna reforms greatly accelerated the, as setting up their third cycle programs took place in a highly competitive international context. 

Both the University of Melbourne and Auckland clearly are part of the Anglo-Saxon tradition, bearing similarities both with the American and European Universities, they are very much held accountable for the quality and financing of their research.  This helps to explain their excellent ranking and very strong international position and competiveness.

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