ECEU Good Practice Award
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Students and researchers will be taught and trained not only conventionally, but will also be prepared to facilitate a sustainable integration of advanced technologies in the various fields related to planning and architecture, thereby stressing the principle of ‘Practicability’, or the so called T+ (plus) Concept, focusing on Professional Knowledge, Cross-Cutting Understanding and Practicability.  Already a major issue at  Todai’s Global Center of Excellence Sustainable Urban Generation Doctoral Program (SUR) the strong focus on practicability will thus be extended into the whole AUSMIP+ program now.

Such competencies should produce graduates with a very high potential, largely surpassing current career opportunities.

For instance in most EU Countries Conventional Architecture, Construction And urban planning only has a GDP share of about 5%, however both ICT and health-care each represent on average about 10% of European GDP averages. In face of our rapid technological evolution and demographic changes both the ICT and health-care sectors are very likely to further extend their shares. PhD’s and eventually students formed and trained through the Ausmip ‘incubator’ should thus have excellent chances, being cross-disciplinary trained integrators and entrepreneurs.


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