ECEU Good Practice Award
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Ausmip provides master students, PhD and post-doc researchers with an innovative network and research platform, combining four strands of research and methodologies in the field of Urban Planning and Architecture.  The key of the whole program is to allow researchers with strong developed skills in one of the strands and methodologies to engage in a complementary research resulting in the skills, insights and expertise to operate within our field in a context of demographic shifts, not just theoretically but especially so as practitioners and entrepreneurs. 

AUSMIP+ faculty will have the unique chance to interact for longer periods (up to one semester) at other partners and associated partners faculties and facilities which, keeping the long-standing success of the Master-Ausmip program in mind, should lead to a plethora of new initiatives benefitting not just research but also education at all levels for all partners.  Equally important is that these longer faculty exchanges shall also allow all partners to embed their existing ties to a broader level at all faculties, being able to send faculty not yet familiar with the partners.

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