ECEU Good Practice Award
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European Partners

Brussels, (Ausmip, Ausmip R&DaR & AUSMIP+)

Brussels, Sint-Lucas, Department of Architecture; The only Belgian school of Architecture with a full English language Master program, it attracts students worldwide. With more than 60 Erasmus partners, a high number of incoming and outgoing Erasmus exchanges is being generated. The PhD program is relatively new, with mainly Belgian participants. However the supporting RTS (Research Training Sessions) program is run in collaboration with experts from all over the world. W&K also participates to the EU ALFA programs with Latin America. In Belgium W&K attracts students from all over the Flemish Community, and through the special 'Erasmus Belgica' program, also welcomes students from the Belgian French speaking community.

Paris, (Ausmip, Ausmip R&DaR & AUSMIP+)

Paris, Paris La Villette School of Architecture (ENSAPLV) counts no less than 30% foreign students, mostly non-European, many from countries known as 'la Francofonie'. Its 55 Erasmus partners generate high numbers of exchanges. ENSAPLV also has joint programs with partners in the Americas. Similar to W&K, the PhD program in Paris is relatively young and parallel to its master programs it is very international. In France ENSAPLV attracts students from all French departments, both on the mainland and overseas.

Munich, (Ausmip, Ausmip R&DaR & AUSMIP+)

Munich, TUM the Technical University of Munich, (Architecture) recently set up an international English Language Master (of Science) program, concluding a long-standing international orientation. The doctoral program (Architecture) counts about 50 % foreign students. The largest and highest ranked EU partner of the consortium, overall TUM has established more than 200 collaborations encompassing research, faculty exchange and student mobility worldwide. In Germany TUM attracts a lot of students from Bavaria, but also from the rest of Germany. TUM has established doctoral programs in all faculties attracting top researchers from around the world. Five Clusters of Excellence serve to establish international acknowledged research. TUM's Graduate Center organizes training courses and networking events. 'UnternehmerTUM' empowers its researchers and doctoral candidates to initiate growth-oriented start-ups.

Lisbon, (Ausmip, Ausmip R&DaR & AUSMIP+)

Lisbon the Faculty of Architecture at the Technical University of Lisbon has a particularly strong international network, especially in South America and the Portuguese speaking countries. TUL is the European University with the highest number of partnerships with Brazil, and is a hub of many international research networks focusing on South America. The Faculty of Architecture & Urban Planning has Erasmus exchanges with 57 partners. In Portugal, TUL attracts students from all over Portugal. TUL's doctoral program (architecture '& urban planning) counts a large number of PhD students, almost half of them from abroad, with an increasing focus on Asia.

Sofia, (AUSMIP+)

Sofia, a new partner within the consortium, the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy (UACEG) encompasses 3 faculties; architecture, civil engineering and geodesy. Four departments, (Arch. History & Theory, Urban Planning, Seismic Engineering and Structural Engineering) participate to Ausmip network. Though UACEG is less globally oriented than the other EU patners, it has become a strong pole of attraction for students from the Balkan and Turkey. Its PhD program counts a lot of foreign students, of which many from the Middle East, the Balkan, and recently also Asia. All four departments combined, UACEG has Erasmus exchanges with 71 partners. UACEG attracts students from all over Bulgaria as well as from Serbia and Macedonia.