ECEU Good Practice Award
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Japanese Partners

Tokyo, (Ausmip, Ausmip R&DaR & AUSMIP+)

Tokyo, in the field of architecture and urban planning, education at the University of Tokyo (TODAI) encompasses two graduate schools, the Graduate School of Engineering (GSE) and Frontier Sciences (GSFS). The highest ranked Japanese University, globally it is also the highest ranked non Anglo-Saxon University. TODAI is a truly global university attracting students, researchers and faculty worldwide. The GSE was also nominated as one of Japan's only 13 Global Centers of Excellence, (GCoE). Both the doctoral programs at the GSE and GSFS count more foreign nationals than Japanese.

Tokyo-Chiba, (Ausmip, Ausmip R&DaR & AUSMIP+)

Tokyo, Chiba, (CHIBADAI) the National University of Chiba participates through the Dept. of Architecture, Graduate School of Science and Technology, and accommodates a high number of Asian students, mainly Chinese but also SE-Asians, particularly from Vietnam, India and Bangladesh. Its doctoral program counts about 40 % foreign students. What is most distinctive about Chibadai's PhD program, is that it is very closely intertwined with partners from the industry.

Fukuoka, (Ausmip, Ausmip R&DaR & AUSMIP+)

Fukuoka, at Kyushu University (KYUDAI) Architecture and Planning are organized at two departments, both part of the V10Graduate School of Human-Environmental Studies (GSHES). KYUDAI has consistently positioned itself in the past decades as the Japanese academic gateway to Asia. As a result, both its master and PhD programs count a very high number of Asian students, (Korea, China, Taiwan, the Philippines, and Indonesia) and a growing number of students from other regions such as the Middle East. Equally to TODAI, KYUDAI's GSHES is a Japanese Global Center of Excellence. Although, Kyudai has not yet established a full English master program, a fast increasing number of courses is held in English and also a growing number of PhD-thesis is written in English.