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Korean Partners

Seoul, (AUSMIP+)

Seoul, Seoul National University (SNU), is the number one University of Korea, SNU accommodates a high number of foreign nationals, similar to TODAI. Currently a third international campus is being planned further strengthening SNU's international clout. At the Department of Architecture and Engineering, the master and PhD programs count respectively 15 to 20 % foreign students, mainly of Asian origin, but also Australians and Americans. Korea's complex history makes that about every professor has research experience abroad, or obtained his/her PhD in a foreign country. In fact, for the department of Architecture all professors studied abroad, (US, Japan, France & UK) for engineering most professors studied in the US. Thus, SNU has a multitude of all kinds of exchanges with many countries. Entrance to SNU is organized similarly to the Japanese system, assuring students from all over Korea attend SNU.

Seoul Suwon, (AUSMIP+)

Seoul, Suwon, Sunkyunkwan University (SKKU) the most prestigious Korean private University, it has a special relationship with SAMSUNG, its main sponsor, spurring high-tech research in various areas ranging from architecture and construction to electrical engineering, informatics and mechanical engineering at its Suwon campus. Similarly to SNU, most professors studied abroad, the large majority in the US. About 10 % of both master and PhD students are foreign nationals, and SKKU has an impressive number of partnerships and collaborations worldwide. Though a private university, access is open to all income levels through sponsoring of private companies, based on study merit. As such SKKU equally attracts students from all over Korea.