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Seoul National University, Department of Architecture and Architectural Engineering

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Seoul National University, Korea’s number one University honours the ideals of liberal education and aims to teach students a lifelong love of learning that will form the basis for continuous personal growth.

At the same time it is committed to preparing students to work and live in an increasingly competitive global environment. As South Korea's first national university, Seoul National University has a tradition of standing up for democracy and peace on the Korean peninsula.

Graduates have long served as public servants in key positions of the Korean government. In teaching, research, and public service, Seoul National University continues to set the standard of excellence.


The mission of Seoul National University in the twenty-first century is to create a vibrant intellectual community where students and scholars join together in building the future. As Korea's leading research university, Seoul National University is committed to diversifying its student body and faculty, fostering global exchange, and promoting path-breaking research in all fields of knowledge.

Seoul National University aims at becoming more than a national university for the Korean people--it aims to be a university for the world. It has exchange programs with leading universities around the world.

International orientation.

The university is planning to build an international campus where all lectures and research will be conducted in English. Seoul National University is committed to attracting and recruiting international researchers and faculty. To become a university that matters to the world is the vision of SNU.

Today, over 860 foreign professors are lecturing and over 2200 students from other countries are studying at SNU. SNU has made arrangements with about 800 International Exchange Agreement in 40 countries and has around 350 International Student Exchange Programs.

SNU faculty members and researchers have collaborated with universities and institutions around the world, which has resulted in phenomenal success. AUSMIP+ should make a marked contribution to our international research collaborations in the field of Urban Planning and Architecture, as well as stimulating cross-cutting research between different disciplines.

Facilities AUSMIP+ researchers and staff

AUSMIP+ researchers and staff will be accommodated through the Office of International Affairs which is charged with developing, promoting, and assisting Seoul National University's international programs and strategic initiatives. The OIA identifies, develops, and maintains inter-university partnerships, academic exchange agreements, and international curricula. In addition, the OIA provides administrative support for the university's international students, promotes cross-cultural events between Koreans and their international counterparts on campus, and conducts protocol activities for visiting officials.

Language program.

AUSMIP+ researchers and staff are invited to participate to the Korean Language & Culture Program (KLCP) which was first developed by SNU’s Language Education Institute in 1969 to provide intensive Korean language training to foreign researchers admitted to Korean universities and to others interested in learning about Korean language and culture. Since then, over 13,000 students from more than 70 countries have graduated from the KLCP, and the program has grown to annually enroll about 1,700 students. Many graduates go on to serve the public and private sectors by engaging in work related to Korea or the Korean language.

Alumni network

The alumni network at SNU is one of the most prominent and strongest in Korea. SNU’s distinguished graduates include key figures in all sectors within Korea as well as in international community. For example, in 2007, 38% of CEO’s of top 100 Korean companies and an incredible 88% of judges in high court and Supreme Court were SNU alumni. Close to 60% of government ministers and about half of the members of National Assembly were also part of SNU alumni in 2007. SNU’s distinguished graduates include the current Secretary-General of United Nations Ban Ki-Moon among others. 

SNU’s Department of Architecture & Architectural Engineering.

Within SNU’s research capacity of the Department of Architecture is verified by affiliated research institutes such AURIC (Architecture & Urban Research Information Center), BK21 (Creative Global Technology Development for Sustainable Construction),  Super Tall Building R&BD Center, IRICEE, or integrated Research Institute of Construction and Environmental Engineering, and ICPM (Institute of Certified Professional Managers).For the AUSMIP+ program, both the departments of Architecture & Architectural Engineering and the department of Civil & Environmental Engineering will compete to accommodate and send scholars to the European partners, including all laboratories related to the fields of Architecture and Urban Planning, as outlined in the diagram.

 Seoul National University, Department of Architecture and Architectural Engineering

The Department maintains international exchange programs and activities with several universities including the technical University of Graz in Austria, the University of Pennsylvania in the States, and Singapore National University.

Seoul National University, Department of Architecture and Architectural Engineering, local coordinator Prof. Jin BAEK,

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