ECEU Good Practice Award
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University of Leuven, Dept. of Language and Area Studies, Japanese & Korean Studies

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At the University of Leuven, the Faculty of Arts, Department of Language and Area studies (Japanese Studies) has over the years built up an extensive range of expertise in different fields related to the AUSMIP+ main research themes.  The recent integration of the Sint-Lucas Department of the Architecture within the University of Leuven already resulted in multiple cross-over and trans-disciplinary research projects.

Whereas the 12 main AUSMIP+ partners’ focus is related to fields related to technological, historic, or design related expertise in the fields of Architecture, Engineering and Urban Planning, the Japanese Studies at the K.U. Leuven’s main involvement will be that of an advisor through assisting to trans-disciplinary AUSMIP+ research projects involving specifically issues related to law and socio-political topics.

KUL-ARTS will facilitate research in the socio-political realm, through its extensive network and expertise covering both Korea and Japan.

University of Leuven, Faculty of Arts, Department of Language and Area Studies, local contact; Prof. Dimitri VAN OVERBEKE,

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