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Centre des Recherches sur le Japon, Paris

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The CRJ research centre (Centre des Recherches sur le Japon) was founded in 1973 by Christian Sutter and Philippe Fons in order to develop teaching and research encompassing Modern and Contemporary Japan in the field of Social Siences.

The CRJ-CNRS is specialized in publications on Japan, China and Korea, and its library is open to all students and researchers.

The CRJ includes professors-researchers, historians, anthropologists economists and geographers, and has collaborated with the CNRS since 1978, in 2006 it became associated with the CECMC, specialized in Chinese studies (Centre d’Etudes sur la Chine Moderne et Contemporaine) and the CRC, specialized in contemporary Korea (Centre de Recherches sur la Corée).

The CRJ, CECMC and CRC equally participate to educational activities regarding studies on East and Middle Asia, (AMO) part of the Master in Social Sciences of the EHESS.

CRJ Centre des Recherches sur le Japon, Paris.  Local Contact; Prof. Augustin BERQUE,

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