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Ambient Assisted Living, AAL, Frankfurt

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The objective of the Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) Innovation partnership is to enhance the quality of life of older people and strengthen Europe’s industrial base through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).  The Innovation Partnership is providing a strong community network for all stakeholders involved in research, development, standardization and use of AAL technology.

The motivation of the AAL activity is in the demographic change and Europe an Germany’s ageing population, implying not only challenges but also opportunities for citizens, social and healthcare systems as well as industry and the European market.  The concept of Ambient Assisted Living is understood as;

  • To extend the time people can live in their preferred environment by increasing their autonomy, self-confidence and mobility.
  • To support and maintain health and the functional capability of elderly individuals.
  • To promote a better and healthier lifestyle for individuals at risk.
  • To enhance security, prevent social isolation and support and maintain the multifunctional network surrounding the individuals.
  • To enhance care-takes, families and care providing organizations.
  • To increase the efficiency and productivity of used resources in ageing societies.
  • To support industry through developing new concepts and technologies.

In order to provide AUSMIP+ researchers further specialized advisors, AAL and TUM will collaborate intensively, further banking on their already substantial close collaborations.

This innovative partnership is backed by the German VDF, (Association of Electrical, Eletronical & Information Technologies and the German Federal Ministry of Science and Education).  AAL’s aim is to build up new opportunities arising with demographic change providing;

  • A strong community network of stakeholder involved in research, development, standardization and use of AAL technologies.
  • Students with contacts to industry professionals and organize internships at a variety of companies and private, or public R&D facilities.

The AAL Innovation Partnership closely collaborates with;

The German AAL Program:

The European AAL Program:

AAL Ambient Assisted Living, local contact; Dr. Birgid EBERHARDT,

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