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Takenaka Research & Development Institute, Tokyo

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One of the main contractors and engineering companies, Takenaka’ headquarters are situated in Tokyo, its two main offices work from Tokyo and Osaka, supported by 11 regional branches covering the whole territory of Japan from Hokkaido to Kyushu.

Overseas, Takenaka has branch offcices or local subsidaries in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, India, Shanghai, Guanghzou, Tianjin, Qingdao, Dubai, Chicago, Indianapolis, New-York, San Francisco, Honolulu, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Romania, The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, and Belgium.

The TRDI is based in Chiba, and has strong links with various Japanese top academic institutions including Chiba University’s Graduate School of Engineering. Research conducted at TRDI is implemented globally through Takenaka’s various international branches. Research collaboration between Chiba and TRDI is primarily technology based, allowing TRDI researchers to obtain PhD’s at Chiba University.

EU researchers will be enabled to conduct research at TRDI to support their PhD or Post-Doc activities giving access to Takenaka’s outstanding research facilities and know-how, simultaneously TRDI research staff will have access to the EU-partners research facilities, data and networks.

TRDI is Takenaka’s main Research and Development facility, originally mainly focusing on technological innovations, consultancy and technical support for a wide variety of Takenaka projects, societal and environmental developments now make up a substantial part of research activities.

Ageing society, depopulation, and sustainability are key-issues within the existing Ausmip and AUSMIP+ programs, and are high on TRDI’s agenda, resulting in multiple inclusive collaborations with academics, specifically Chiba University.

Under the AUSMIP+ collaboration, TRDI will allow incoming researchers to conduct part of their research at the TRDI laboratories, and send its own research staff to any of the program’s partners. Known for its painstaking R&D and focus on applied research, TRDI envisions that the program can make a marked contribution in exchanging know-how and lead to innovative approaches. Such collaborations require a long-term strategy and implementation beyond the 48 months program duration.Takenaka Corporation is Japan's oldest architecture, engineering and construction firm with a long history rich in tradition that spans nearly 400 years and includes creating a large number of Japan's most prominent architectural landmarks.

Since 1960, Takenaka has also established offices in many foreign countries, including a branch in Belgium in 1975. Over the years Takenaka has been the recipient of many design, technique and quality awards.

In recent years, global environmental concerns and social issues resulted in an ever-growing movement towards building a sustainable society. As a result, building standards and developers conduct have become increasingly sophisticated and diversified. Being one of the major Japanese construction companies Takenaka established its own research institutes collaborating with various external research and academic partners.

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