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Daelim, Seoul

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Daelim is one of the top building and housing construction companies in Korea, along with Samsung, Hyunadi and Daewoo. Established in 1939, throughout its 73 years old history Daelim’s innovation in construction technology aimed to generate a better and humane environment.

A leader in developing advanced technologies, Daelim is committed to create a sustainable environment, at the same time being attentive to market trends.

Daelim will share its in-house technologies and accumulated knowledge with EU doctoral students, and can provide working-level knowledge through industry-university cooperation, mediating between academia and industry

Daelim can also help students from the EU set the direction for their doctoral researches in various areas such as architectural design, construction, management, materials and environemtnal control aim by offering perspectives from the point of the industry.

Currently engaged in multiple large-scale projects, researchers can participate to field trip and lectures on cutting-edge construction technologies. Students can equally visit the Architectural Environment Research Center in Daejeon, the Mecca of Korean environment-friendly technologies.

Daelim’s operations consist of three divisions; plants, civil works and building & housing construction, including many projects abroad, mainly petrochemical plants;

  • Saudi Arabia: Kayan LDPE(2009~2012), NCP(2008~2011), JER(2009~2013), Chlor Vinyl(2010~2012), YERP-3(2010~2014), YERP-4(2010~2014)
  • Iran : Esfahan(2008~2013), SPGD-12(2010~2013), LNG Tank(2007~2012)
  • Kuwait : LPG Train-4(2010~2013)
  • Philippines : JG Summit(2009~2013)

China : BYC IPS-Ⅱ(2008~2012)

Singapore : Marina Coastal Expressway(2008~2013)

DIC, Daelim Industrial Corporation, local contact; Mr. HAN Dae Hee, Manager,

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